Chisomo Program Information

Street Kids face a multitude of challenges. Chisomo strives not only to work with street children who drop in every day, but also to address the root causes of the street child phenomenon and work towards returning street children to their homes and families.

Our programs include:

Feeding, Health and Hygiene: Our core program is centered on giving street children a safe haven, where they can come off the street to find a place to eat, sleep and clean up. Street children are supported, but not forced to attend. If they feel comfortable with Chisomo, they may stay overnight

Education: While staying at Chisomo, kids are encouraged to attend school right on the Chisomo site. The teachers are Chisomo staff who are already familiar to the children, so the atmosphere is welcoming and encouraging. Education boosts the children’s chances for successful reintegration and increases their self esteem. Chisomo also offers children a chance to attend a residential boarding school in Chunga. The school in Chunga offers a more structured educational setting in the middle of a beautiful national park for children who have demonstrated ability and desire to get off the street. 

Reintegration: Chisomo believes that children should be with their families. Whenever possible, the reintegration program tries to find the children’s families and work with them so that the children can return to their families successfully.



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