Chisomo Staff

Rev. Aaron Chilunjika, Founder and Chisomo Director


In 1991 Pastor Chilunjika worked with friends to form a new association which had three goals: Work with rural churches on outreach with a special emphasis on children,  raise support for the vulnerable people, especially children, and lastly to live and work among the vulnerable children.

Years later, Full Proof Mission and Chisomo Centres stands as a lighthouse to meet the needs of vulnerable and abandoned children who need shelter, food and education. Through economic crisis and political turmoil, PastorChilunjika continues to navigate the calling through innovative programs, including drop in centres and boarding schools, reintegration programs and shelters. 

Josephine Chilunjika Co-Founder of Chisomo Drop In Centre


Josephine Chilunjika was born in Livingstone, Zambia. At the age of 25 years she moved to Lusaka and began working with Reformed Change at the Youth Training Centre. In 1990 she and Aaron married and shortly after began spending spare time with the street children of Lusaka. In 2002 she devoted herself full time to Chisomo and Full Proof Mission. Josephine has a wide range of duties and is in charge of many children. She and Aaron have 4 children. Josephine studied at Ridgway Campus- School of Guidance and Counseling under the University of Zambia.

Mwamba Lubozhya


At the age of 28 years, Mwamba has been working with Chisomo for the past 5 years. He teaches English and Science to the children that live at Chisomo. Mwamba arrives at 07:00 and spends all day with the children. At 16:30 he departs to continue his own education at the School of Social Science under the University of Zambia.


Elizabeth Soko

At the age of 43 years, Elizabeth has been working with Chisomo for the past 4 years. She teaches Home Economics to the children and is a full time resident at Chisomo. At 17:00 hours Elizabeth departs from Chisomo to continue her own education at Ridgway Campus- School of Guidance and Counseling under the University of Zambia.


Sandrick Phiri

At the age of 25 years, Sandrick has been working with Chisomo for the past 2 years. He teaches the children Art, as well as Integrated Science. Sandrick is another one of Chisomo’s full time residents. From 17:00 until 19:00 Sandrick continues his own education at the Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Zambia.



At the age of 44 years, Lydia is the newest member of the Chisomo family. She was employed at the Ministry of Agriculture for 12 years as an Assistant Soil Physicist. In 2001, she went into early retirement, following her passion of working with the sick and injured. In 2006, she picked up her education again at the University of Zambia – Guidance, Counseling, and Placement.