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Our History

Boarding school dedication in Zambia

Chisomo was started as a program of Full Proof Mission, by Rev. Aaron Chilunjika in 1991. Chisomo Drop in Centre opened its doors in October 2002. It was first located at the Zambia Printing Company plot 2348 Kabelenga road, light industrial area, Lusaka Zambia. The building was used for only a year and half and then was asked to vacate the premises.

It has been in its present location at 32 Makishi Road, Northmead, Lusaka, Zambia since 2003. Chisomo has become the hub of Full Proof Mission where all programs relating to children in need are administered.

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Our Vision

Children of Lusaka

The mission of Chisomo is to minister to the street children of Zambia. These children are the forgotten or ignored,  victims of the global AIDS crisis, or  victims of systemic and crushing poverty. 

Chisomo strives to offer a safe haven for street children, a place where they can receive shelter, food, clothing, and counseling. 

Through it’s programs of tracing and reuniting family members, Chisomo works to reintegrate street children into their home communities and families of origin, which is ultimately the best place for them.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our Programs

Chisomo Home

Street kids face a multitude of challenges. Two types of children we serve - those who come to "work" during the day, and those who live on streets. 

Chisomo strives not only to work with street children who drop in every day, but also to address the root causes of the street child phenomenon and work towards returning street children to their homes and families.

Our programs include:


Feeding, Health and Hygiene



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